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Although architecture sounds glamorous, the majority of an architect’s work is actually not glamorous. They spend a lot of time working with a variety of people and navigating a complex set of legal codes, making the creation of flashy high-profile buildings a rarity. Rather, architects are more like plumbers, spending most of their time ensuring a project is built properly. They can work on small projects or large ones.

What Exactly Do Architects Do?

Architects use their specialized skills to design buildings and structures best architects in tampa florida who do commercial design, taking into account the aesthetics, functionality, and economics. They meet with clients, draft plans, and prepare cost estimates. They also help clients negotiate with contractors and file applications with the building departments. They may also visit construction sites to ensure everything is progressing as planned.

What Exactly Do Architects Do?

The average salary for an architect is $80,180 per year. They work full-time, although some work overtime, especially during tight deadlines. While many work full-time, there are also many self-employed architects who work on a project basis. However, be aware that these jobs require long hours.

Architects coordinate with other consultants, such as structural engineers, on construction projects. They help clients negotiate construction contracts and oversee the construction site, and supervise construction.

They may also visit the site to make sure the contractors are following the design and using the correct materials. After construction is completed and the construction costs are paid, architects may also provide post-construction services, such as advising on energy efficiency measures and evaluating the building’s occupants’ needs.