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If you’re having trouble with your neighbor blocking your driveway, you might want to consider confronting them and putting up a sign that says “Do not block my driveway.” In some cases, you might want to call the police or even a towing company. While these actions may have some success, they can also cause your neighbor to react in a way that makes your situation worse.

Can My Neighbour Block My Driveway?

Before you file a complaint with the police or local council tow truck in san jose, try to contact the neighbor directly and explain why you need access to your driveway.

Can My Neighbour Block My Driveway?

Most cities have laws against blocking private driveways, so making sure your neighbor’s driveway is not blocked is important. You may also want to check the title deeds of both homes, since some neighbors may have rights to part of your driveway.

If you’re unable to contact your neighbor, you should contact the local Garda station. If you can present photographic proof of the obstruction, the gardai may decide to investigate it. They may even agree to allow your neighbor to comply with the law for a period of time, so long as you continue to record such incidents.

Putting a traffic cone at the entrance to your driveway is not the best idea. Not only will this block your driveway, but it could also be a hazard for utility workers. If your neighbor continues to refuse to comply, you may have to call a towing service to have the car removed.