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There are a few factors to consider when claiming roof damage on your homeowner’s insurance policy. For example, if you were not paying attention to the condition of your roof, a storm or other dramatic event could result in damage. However, your insurance company may not cover roof repairs unless they were preventable.

Can I Claim Roof Damage on Insurance?

First, call your insurance company and ask for an inspection. Bring with you all of the necessary documents. These documents may include your home insurance policy, receipts for repair work, and home inspection reports. Also, take photographs of the damage. Photographs will help the insurance adjuster determine the extent of the damage.

Can I Claim Roof Damage on Insurance?

In addition, you should note that the extent of damage will vary based on the age of your roof. A roof less than ten years old will likely be considered relatively new by insurance companies best roofing companies in dallas. A well-maintained roof will be considered a lower risk, which will mean better insurance coverage. For this reason, you should check your roof at least once a year.

Wind and hail are two of the leading causes of roof damage. Thankfully, most homeowners insurance policies cover such damage. However, the amount of compensation will depend on the damage caused by the storm, the age of the roof, and the homeowner’s attitude about maintaining the roof.

However, if you are living in an area prone to severe weather, it may be wise to get a separate windstorm insurance policy, which will provide extra protection against hurricanes and other natural disasters.