The   S c a r e c r o w Mission

Food, whether it is fruits, vegetables, meats, fish or whatever, should be grown, raised and caught in a manner that is respectful, sensible and healthy for us to eat.

As restaurant operators, we have an obligation to bring to the table dishes that are responsibly sourced, promoting small producers who uphold the highest standards of deliciousness, while implementing approaches that benefit both animals and the environment.

Our patrons, who espouse this approach, play an essential role, as they directly effect and support our purveyors, providing them the safety and stability needed to maintain their methods.

We feel this is a noble effort; one that is symbolized by what was once an icon of the farm, of the heartland, of human prosperity. He was erected across many continents, by many cultures, since the dawn of agriculture…

We pledge ourselves to carry out his legacy.

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