The Charleston City Paper published the Weird ‘wiches list and featured Wise-Buck’s Lamb Ahi Sandwich….

Smoked meat emporium Wise Buck has a number of meaty options to guide you and your carnivorous instincts away from sandwich monotony. You can grab meats by the pound like pulled pork, pit beef, smoked turkey or St. Louis pork ribs, or you can get a sandwich. And since this is all about sandwiches, the smoked leg of lamb with salsa aji is what you need. Hints of cumin and pepper sit on a lightly crusty roll with tart green salsa aji, arugula and sweet marinated eggplant. The lamb is right on the money between mid-rare and rare and pairs well with the light heat from the aji and sweetness of the eggplant and bitterness of the arugula. Saddle them with great sides like charred zucchini, smoked “street corn” and curried cauliflower, and the crushing tedium of your every day sustenance will seem like some half-lucid distant spartan nightmare.

You can view the entire list on the Charleston City Paper’s website

Weird ‘Wiches list